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I create engaging, original content that connects to your audience.


High quality, engaging content is essential in order to connect with your audience and increase your online exposure. Whether you’re seeking short product reviews or in-depth informative guides, I provide premium quality content at an affordable price.


I’m able to deliver accurate, well-researched, and evidence-based articles on a variety of topics from information technology to health and wellness niches. I deliver informative, compelling, and detailed work that generates results.


Accurate, credible content that matches the tone and voice of your site is critical in engaging visitors. I provide 100% original, error free work with unlimited revisions in any volume with a 12-hour turnaround guaranteed for smaller projects

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Quality Content, Fast.

My name is Sam Town, a professional freelance writer for hire. I deliver high quality written content across a broad spectrum of topics, niches, and formats at a competitive rate.

Whether you're looking for micro-niche content for your private blog network, product reviews, tutorials, press releases, or general information pieces, I can provide accurate, original, and engaging work that will help you connect to your target audience and drive more traffic to your site.

Health & Fitness

With thousands of published articles on wellness, supplements, and fitness, I can offer assistance in creating health-oriented content for your platform. From comprehensive diet and workout guides to skincare, nutraceuticals, and medicine, I create informative, original, and compelling content backed up by clinical data.

Unlimited Revisions

Many freelance writers offer limited revisions, or none at all. I stand by the quality of my work and am happy to provide unlimited revisions to any finished content to ensure it meets the standard you require for your platform.

Technology & Travel

Technical content needs to be precise, research-based, and requires a thorough understanding of the product, industry, and market. Similarly, high-quality travel content must deliver vibrant, engaging, and thought-provoking concepts to your audience. I provide the content you need to attract higher readership levels and create a lasting, sharable impression.

Detailed Research & Link Attribution

Modern audiences are highly skeptical and value high-quality, compelling, and well-researched information. I focus on providing in-depth research and analysis with link attribution to reputable sources that inspires your audience to action.

Product Reviews

I provide product analysis and reviews on a broad spectrum of products and services, ranging from Amazon products and crowdfunding campaigns to large-scale roundups and comparisons. If you’re looking for detailed, thorough review content that matches the tone and voice of your site, hire me today.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword relevance is critical in creating effective content. When creating content I ensure that brand, product, competitor, and substitute product terms are covered, working from dynamic seed lists with semantic grouping to ensure your content delivers a strong ROI.

Latest Posts

If you'd like to learn more about the way quality content can enhance your business and increase your conversion, take a look through the following articles. For examples of my published work, be sure to check my portfolio page.

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